If you need assistance or help to log in please call us at 1-866-778-1212

As mentioned in our earlier emails we have completed our migration to the new Venture Technologies customer portal. The new upgraded portal will provide faster access to support resources, and include an integrated system for both support services and order status tracking.

It’s critical to login and setup your new account using the procedure below.

In order to setup your password please enter your email address (one we have on file for you) and then press the “Forgot your password?” link.  The system will send you a temporary password. The temporary password can be used to gain access to your account and then you can update your password as needed.

Only use the email address we have on file as your Portal Username otherwise you will not receive a temporary password. 

Once this is completed, you will be able to create new trouble tickets through the new NetSource/Venture Technologies support portal.

Besides using the support portal you can also email us at support@ventech.com describing your issue, which will automatically create a support ticket within the Venture support portal, and automatically email you your ticket information.

Please Note:

  • All active NetSource support tickets will be transferred to the new Venture portal.
  • There will be a link to the new Venture support portal to access your archived support tickets, DNS records, and email management for your account.   There will also be a link to view your current bandwidth reportsAccessing bandwidth reports and older support tickets require different login credentials than the new one you just set up.  Use your previous login information from the older system for accessing archived tickets.  If you have not already received your login credentials for the bandwidth graphs you will need to email support and we will provide new credentials to view current bandwidth information.

If you need assistance or help to log in please call us at 1-866-778-1212