Advanced Security Solutions

Today the threat of data breaches is greater than ever as cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated. Here at NetSource we understand the importance of keeping your mission-critical data and applications secure, as well as the challenges that come along with maintaining that security at all times.  We bring years of experience to the table implementing critical network and server layer security, and helping companies achieve and maintain compliance such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOX by working with them and their auditors. Each security package below can be implemented with any type of hosting environment at NetSource – colocation, dedicated, cloud, or even hybrid environments. Contact us today to learn how NetSource can help keep your assets secure and get you ready for your PCI/HIPAA audit or review.

Network Layer Security Package

NetSource can create and manage a network level security layer that protects your hosted environment from today’s constant threats.

  • Managed dedicated hardware firewall with policy management and firmware updates
  • Intrusion detection license on firewall to combat the ever changing real-time threats
  • Basic DDoS protection firewall level; add-on applications for larger traffic sites
  • Basic web application filtering license on firewall
  • Site to site VPN access and/or remote VPN user setups
  • Monthly security reports
  • Clear contract defining both parties’ responsibilities to ensure compliance with standards
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Server and VM Layer Security Package

Security for each individual physical server or VM inside of your network.


NetSource trusts CloudPassage’s complete security suite to provide enterprise class security to our clients

  • Security patch updates on a pre-determined schedule
  • Server virus protection for both Windows and Linux hosting environments
  • Security scanning with both internal and external scans. Reports and optional remediation as needed.
  • Server monitoring, reporting and alerts that are setup to go directly to you
  • Security agent installed on each server/VM that includes: web portal, firewall policy control, intrusion detection, web application filtering, log monitoring, file monitoring, dual-factor authentication, user access control, and continuous vulnerability scans
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Security Management and Response Package

NetSource becomes your security partner – actively addressing security issues in real-time, and saving you both valuable time and money

  • NetSource will actively monitor and respond to any threats that have been identified
  • Review and update security monitoring and alert profiles to ensure their effectiveness
  • Recommend changes that require any extraordinary responses so you are always ready to defend against the latest threats
  • Provide monthly reports of activity so you have a summary of your managed security
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Architecture & Security Consulting Package

This package is a great option for businesses that want to maintain control over their security but also need some help. We can help with architecture planning from the ground up to ensure you meet the level of security compliance required of your business.  

  • Network architecture like segmentation, firewall zones, intrusion detection, NAT, and more
  • Server architecture like monitoring, server placement in network, segmentation and isolation
  • Service suggestions depending on security compliance levels you are trying to meet
  • Work is estimated before started and billed by the hour
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PCI and HIPAA Compliance Managed Hosting


PCI DSS CompliantAre you an ecommerce merchant that is required to us a PCI DSS compliant web host for their applications? As a PCI compliant hosting service provider NetSource qualifies using the SAQ-D questionnaire, the most difficult assessment for PCI compliance. We offer PCI compliance-based security solutions that can be added to any hosting package, and will help your business achieve and maintain compliance. In addition, we have trained on-site professionals that are ready to help you navigate the many complexities of PCI compliance.

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HIPAA ComplianceAre you a healthcare provider that needs to follow HIPAA hosting regulations? We offer specific HIPAA compliance-based solutions that will help you achieve and maintain compliance. All solutions can be added on to any hosting package here at NetSource and can be customized to meet your budgetary requirements. We will include your auditor in the discussion while planning your network environment to ensure that they accept the new security and hosting model.  Allow NetSource to make this process easier for your company.

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