Please read these terms of service carefully before using the NetSource services.

By using the NetSource services, customers (Customer) agree to these Terms and Conditions. In any event of conflict between these Terms and Conditions and a fully executed Master Services Agreement (MSA) and Service Order, the terms of the MSA and Service Order shall control. In other words, the terms of these Terms and Conditions will control when there is no other signed agreement between the parties.

If Customer needs different terms, please engage NetSource in a contract between Customer and NetSource.

1. Payment

Customer agrees to pay for all services rendered under net 15 terms paid in advance of the service period. Customer agrees to pay any collection costs required to collect payment including reasonable attorney fees, court costs, and other collection costs.

Overdue accounts are charged a $50 handling fee plus 1.5% interest for each month past due. Accounts more than 30 days overdue will be terminated.  Accounts sent to collections will be assessed a collection fee equal to 50% of their outstanding bill.

If the customer is late in payment, NetSource reserves the right to disconnect the customer service with 1 week prior notice.

Any corrections to bills must be requested within 30 days from the postmark on the billing statement. Otherwise, the billing is considered accurate and final. Customers can call NetSource’s billing department or a account manager (see contact information at to have corrections investigated.

2. Termination

The customer may terminate the service with 30 days advance written notice. Customer agrees to pay for services 30 days after notice is given when canceling services. Notice should be emailed to

3. Acceptable Use

Customer agrees to the NetSource Acceptable Use Policies which may change from time to time, given here; NetSource Acceptable Use policy. The acceptable use policy contains policies that allow NetSource to disconnect the Customer service under certain abusive situations or situations when the Customer services cause any damage or ill effect to the network or other services.

4. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

NetSource will offer services with an availability goal of 99.5% unless a specific MSA and Service Order are signed between the parties. The MSA contains more stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with refunds available when NetSource doesn’t meet those specific SLAs. No refunds are given without a signed MSA.

5. Privacy

NetSource protects the private information of Customer and will not give out any information without the permission of Customer unless compelled under court order or to address an abuse complaint.

6. Limited Liability

NetSource has no liability to the Customer for any failure of the service including refunds, unless the Customer has signed an MSA, to the extent allowed by law.

It is the responsibility of the client to protect their data from loss or corruption. NetSource cannot assume responsibility for any loss of data, damaged files, late or loss of delivery of information, loss of business, or any other damages incurred by the customer resulting from inability to access the Internet, inability to access data stored on NetSource servers, incorrect information, copyright infringement of third parties, or other problems caused by loss of service or improper information transmitted over the Internet by the customer or third parties. In case of a claim or litigation, NetSource’s liabilities are limited to the cost of service provided to that customer.

7. Changes

NetSource reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.