The Best of ALL Worlds

Often a single hosting solution won’t be the answer to every one of your business needs. You may need instant scalability but cannot compromise on security. You may have high performance requirements but are on a limited budget. You don’t need to make compromises! With hybrid hosting you can create your ideal environment by using the best match between the public cloud and dedicated hosting, private cloud, or even your own collocated hardware – all securely connected via an internal local area network (LAN).  Our hybrid hosting solutions are based out of our SSAE18 Type 2, SOC1, SOC2 datacenter located just outside of Chicago, IL.

  1. Keep database workloads on high performance dedicated or collocated servers and run your application on scalable public servers.
  2. Meet specific security and compliance requirements by hosting sensitive data on equipment dedicated solely to your company.
  3. Easily fire up public cloud servers for development environments or testing environments while running production on bare-metal machines.
  4. Use custom security hardware configurations that are proprietary to your business and your risk levels including PCI and HIPAA.
  5. Dedicated hardware provides fixed costs on performance and storage while public servers offer instant scalability.
  6. Be in control of your IT resources where you think your intervention is required most.
  7. Get 100% efficiency out of your hosting solution by using different services depending on what they do best.
  8. Potential Cost Benefits – Large storage or high performance requirements may be more cost effective on bare-metal servers, while maintaining flexibility of the public cloud where possible.

Hybrid Hosting Examples



Managed Hosting in Chicago

Let NetSource manage your hybrid hosting environment so that you can be free to focus on what is most important—your core business. A wide range of managed services are available to choose from, allowing you to completely customize your solution. From basic a la carte services to a fully managed environment, you choose exactly how much help you need.

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