Here is a list of common questions we receive about our Chicago Dedicated Hosting services. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

What makes NetSource different than most Dedicated Hosting providers?

NetSource is different in many ways. First, we own and operate our own datacenter located in Naperville, IL. Many dedicated hosting companies are renting space or servers from other companies and don’t have the control of the network/equipment like we do. We also allow our customers to visit our datacenter and see their server(s). We recommend you come to our datacenter during the planning stages to talk directly to qualified setup technicians. At that time you can confirm your server is in good hands and in a quality datacenter. NetSource works with small, medium, and enterprise companies so we will always work directly with your technical team to come up with the best solution for your business. This is different than taking orders quickly online where it is impossible to plan out important details that are crucial to your success. We are different because we pay attention to all the fine details and care about our long-term relationship with our customers no matter how big or small, or what services they have.

None of the example dedicated packages meets my exact needs, can you customize a server?

Yes, in most cases we can customize any server configuration. The predefined examples we list are designed to meet the most common needs, we understand that they may not be the perfect fit for everyone. Since we build all of our own servers, we have full control over the server configuration and can customize even the most advanced setups. Contact us today to speak to a consultant and get started.

I already have software. Can I install it myself?

Absolutely! If you already own your software, why pay NetSource for it? Either you can install it yourself or you can pay NetSource to install it for you. Just mail NetSource the software or stop in to drop it off. We can hold the software for you on location in case you need it again, or we can send it back to you after it is installed. If you want the software back immediately, provide a way to return it postage paid. Examples of software might include ColdFusion, MS SQL server, Microsoft products.

How do I get access to my server?

You have full remote access to your server at all times. For Linux machines, you can either telnet, ssh, ftp, or you can use the PLESK control panel if you have it installed. For Windows machines, you can use FTP, RDP, PCAnywhere or other standard remote access software. If you purchased the remote power control feature, you can remotely power cycle your server using that interface as well. NetSource will allow you to visit our datacenter to install software if you contact us in advance.

Can I get physical access to my dedicated server?

Yes, we will allow you to come in to work on your dedicated servers. With dedicated server plans you are leasing the server. While you have full control over software installations and configurations, you cannot physically alter the server’s hardware. NetSource will maintain the hardware in good repair, assist with software installations, and press reset buttons, etc. If you need to upgrade the server, NetSource will handle such requests.

What sort of maintenance do I get with a dedicated server?

All dedicated server plans come with our standard managed services. This means NetSource keeps the server running in good repair as it was installed. If hardware fails, we will repair it for no charge. If the original software fails to work, we will reinstall it to its original state as long as we solely retain the root/administrative permissions. We will give the status of any lights or press the reset or power buttons upon request.

NetSource will perform other maintenance activities you request on a per diem basis. This might include reinstalling software when you have administrative privileges or applying patch updates to the software, etc. This might also include setting up email boxes or new web sites on the server. Or it might include connecting a monitor to the console port to determine activity on the machine. Any such activity would be charged a minimum fee per occurrence.

In addition, you may purchase a maintenance plan from NetSource which would include a fully managed package or just pick and choose the services you need. Check out our managed services.

What is the difference between dedicated servers and virtual dedicated servers?

If you sign up for a dedicated server through NetSource you will have your own bare-metal machine.

We do allow you to virtualize your dedicated server if you’d like. Virtual dedicated hosting uses software, the hypervisor, to break a single server into several “Virtual Dedicated Server Layers” where each can run their own operating system.  These are often referred to as virtual servers or virtual machines.

What kind of equipment do you use on your dedicated servers?

NetSource uses only the highest quality hardware and software on our servers. The reason is actually quite simple. When we use the highest quality products we have less maintenance on our systems and can devote our attention to technical and customer service issues. Everybody wins and our customers feel confident that they are using a quality product. We often use DELL or SuperMicro.

Can you give me more information about your data center?

Based in the Chicago Area (Naperville), NetSource’s main data center is equipped with advanced systems to ensure reliability, performance, and security. For detailed specifications about our state-of-the-art data center please click here.

Do I get full control of my dedicated server? Root access or administrator rights?

Yes, if you’d like. You have total control of your dedicated server. You can do whatever you need to do with it. We find many customers, however, prefer to buy a maintenance plan where NetSource takes care of the server operation so that you can focus on your core business. It is your choice.

Can my hardware be upgraded? What are the fees for this?

We can upgrade any components on your server at any time. We know that a business may change, and so our servers need the ability to change as well. Upgrade fees will be quoted on a per case basis and we will always give our customers an exact quote before any work is started. It will usually take us about 1-3 business days depending on the scope of the change if it is not an emergency change. If you need hardware or software updates on your server please call us at (866) 778-1212 to get started.

What is the minimum contract period for your dedicated servers?

Our minimum contract time for our dedicated servers is usually 1 year but special contracts can be created in some cases. Please check with NetSource about the contract’s details. Please keep in mind that we do have setup costs required for monthly plans.

How long does it take to set up a dedicated server?

Our standard setup time for our servers is 3 to 5 business days because we purchase new equipment. For our off-lease servers this time is usually 1-2 business days. Much of this time is taken by extensive burnin testing.  Of course there are always specials cases where servers can be built faster.

What happens if I go over my maximum allowed bandwidth?

All dedicated servers come 3 TB of monthly data transfer on a 100 mbps connection. Overages are $.10 cents per GB unless otherwise specified in your contract.

Can I resell the space on my server?

Yes, this can be a very lucrative business. You are welcome to install whatever you like on the server as long as it meets NetSource’s terms of use. You may sell space on your server to different people who want to host their websites but do not need their own dedicated server. This is known as Shared or Virtual Hosting. You may charge whatever price you like since you are the host.

What is NetSource’s policy on upgrading OS or other software that comes with the plan?

If you have some experience with upgrading software you are probably also aware of some of the pitfalls involved with such upgrades. As we are responsible for the reliability and stability of our systems, we are very careful when it comes to modifying our software. As a matter of policy, we do not roll out the latest changes unless they are subjected to our extensive internal pre-testing. Also, we believe that it’s wise to let the new release ‘burn-in” for a time, rather than roll out the changes right away. Note that it is your responsibility to get the server updated with new releases or security patches unless you have purchased a maintenance agreement. We can assist you in updating or adding software on a per diem basis.

Do I own the server or am I just leasing it?

You are leasing the server, but you are actually the only one using the server since we do not use virtual dedicated hosting for this offer.

If you want to buy a server and use our colocation services you can do that as well. If you would like to purchase your server from NetSource, arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.  But, remember, you will be in charge of equipment warranties and repairs in this case.

If I want something customized that wasn’t part of the package, can NetSource help?

Yes, we can help! We have highly qualified and knowledgeable system administrators ready to handle most situations. Once you are our client, you have a team of people working for you to make sure things are done quickly and correctly. Please understand that certain requests could require a fee.

What software or services am I allowed to install and run?

You can run and/or install any software or services as long as it does not interfere with our ability to maintain our systems or customers. If you have questions about this please call us at (866) 778-1212 before installing the software.

Can I do live broadcast streaming on my dedicated server?

Yes, once your dedicated server is set up, NetSource administrators can open up a specified port so that broadcasts can be delivered by the server through various multimedia technologies. Real Server is supported on Linux. Both Real Server and Windows Media are supported on Windows based systems.

Will there be a web statistics program installed on my dedicated server?

Normally, you would provide the preferred web statistic software once your server is ready. We can install it at your request for a fee. We can make recommendations for common packages. If you just need bandwidth monitoring we can provide you a tool to monitor this for free.

Can I install SSL on my dedicated server?

SSL comes enabled by default with all of our servers. You must provide the security certificate. Most people have some difficulty ordering and installing a security certificate so we can do this for a fee.

How do I create email accounts on my dedicated server?

You can create as many email accounts as you like and setup up auto-responders, forwarding, and aliasing. NetSource can setup these accounts for you for a fee or you can use a system like the Plesk or cPanel web interface if available. Note that sendmail comes installed on the Linux based servers. NetSource can provide the basic version of MailEnable if you want an email server on Windows. Again, NetSource can make recommendations and install the software for you for a fee.

What is name-based hosting? Do I need an IP address for each domain on my server?

Name based hosting is a method used to allow a server to host multiple domains with only one IP address. You do not need an IP address for each site; in fact, you only need one IP for the entire server. Name based hosting does not affect the performance or appearance of the domains hosted. Both Linux and Microsoft servers offer name based hosting. You should know that you are not limited to name based hosting, however. Extra IP addresses are available on most hosting accounts.

Can I use NetSource as my secondary DNS?

Yes. The server usually provides primary DNS service. Your administrative access or control panel allows you to setup as many domains as you need. Secondary name service is provided free of charge. There is a small one time setup fee for each domain you request NetSource to support.

Does NetSource provide DNS service? Can I have my own DNS name servers configured?

Yes, all servers support DNS services.

Which city is your company based out of?

NetSource Communications is based out of the Chicago area in Naperville, IL. We service customers that are located around the Chicago Land area, nationally, and internationally. If you live in the Chicago Land area, feel free to call us and make an appointment to stop in for a tour.

How do I place an order when I’m ready?

You can place an order by phone at (866) 778-1212. It is always better to allow a few days for special orders. Non-custom orders usually take 3 business days to process and complete.

What methods of payment do you accept?

NetSource accepts all major credit cards (American Express, MC, Visa and Discover) and payment by check for established customers. We prefer payment by credit card but can also invoice you directly for our services if this works better for you.