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In today’s Always On™ world it is crucial that your most important applications and data are available at all times. Disaster can strike when you least expect, and if your company is not prepared you risk losing not only valuable data, but also revenue and reputation. NetSource understands what it takes to stay afloat in the event of a disaster, with over 20 years crafting custom DRaaS solutions to meet each company’s individual needs.

For companies with environments running on either VMware or Hyper-V we offer Veeam®, industry leading backup and disaster recovery software.  Using Veeam, we are able to provide RPOs and RTOs of as little as 15 minutes, without the time and expense required to build out a traditional disaster recovery solution.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup (BaaS)

Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy for you to back up your servers located in your office or another off-site datacenter directly to NetSource’s SSAE16 Type II datacenter in Naperville, IL. The cost and complexity of managing a second site is eliminated. Our experts will help set up and test your backups to ensure they will be available during a disaster. Additionally, your Veeam remote backups will be available to you whenever you need them using our agnostic storage system.

  • Simple: Backups are managed in your current Veeam portal. No need to install new software!
  • Efficient: Set up backups quickly with help from our experienced BaaS team
  • Secure: You have the security of knowing you are using one of the best solutions on the market. Plus, content-aware compression and WAN Acceleration allow for your backups to be encrypted at source, in flight, and at rest.
  • Affordable: Affordable pricing model based on number of VMs you are backing up plus storage
  • Easy Recovery: Ability to recover exactly which cloud backups you need – instantly without downloading backup files. You can also recover backups directly on NetSource hardware if required (see below).

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NetSource Disaster Recovery Powered by Veeam (DRaaS)

NetSource’s Disaster Recovery solutions, powered by Veeam Cloud Connect Replication, take you a bit further when data or VM backups are just not enough. If you are using VMware or Hyper-V with Veeam installed, we can provide you with both a backup location and the ability to restore your services directly at our facility. If a disaster strikes at your primary location we can restore your Veeam backups located at NetSource to hardware in our facility. This can be handled using a few different methods, achieving RPO and RTO of as little as 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter what kind of storage you are running at your primary location because our storage servers are storage agnostic. Services can be restored at NetSource, on NetSource hardware or cloud services, using a tested and trusted method.

  • Meet Low RTOs and RPOs: As low as 15 minutes depending on setup
  • Seamless Integration: Use your existing Veeam consoles to manage backup and recovery located at NetSource
  • Dedicated Support: Proven and tested DR setup with a team ready to help you test everything
  • Affordable: You get fully functioning disaster recovery solution at a fraction of the cost

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Host Both Your Primary and DR Locations at NetSource

NetSource owns and operates our own SSAE16 Type II, SOC1, SOC2 datacenter located just outside of Chicago, IL and a second datacenter located in Jackson, MS. We provide traditional hosting services including colocation, cloud, dedicated servers and custom hardware setups. We can build, test, and implement both your primary hosting environment and DR solution (using Veeam). NetSource’s primary datacenter is located in Naperville, IL and is connected to our second datacenter in Jackson, MS. Through this connection and Veeam, we can connect our customers to this disaster recovery location and bring up their environment remotely during a DR event at the primary facility.

Using Veeam and either Hyper-V or VMware, we can ensure that your primary hosting solution is set up to fail-over to our secondary site at a predefined RTO/RPO. We can build out the entire hosting solution including custom hardware, and then provide testing to ensure your VMs are always available to your business and your clients.

Meeting RPO and RTO times

For enterprise clients with low data loss tolerance, NetSource offers DRaaS powered by Zerto. Zerto allows you to back up, test, and failover and failback your VMs from one location at RPOs and RTOs in minutes. NetSource will discuss your specific needs and plan out a custom Zerto DRaaS setup with your company to ensure you have the correct level of business continuity your company requires. Please call NetSource for additional information on NetSource’s solutions using Zerto.

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