NetSource’s technical team has years of experience managing load balanced environments for businesses that require additional redundancy and scaling. We can work directly with your IT staff to create a custom load balanced solution using a number of different products or technologies build into our diverse service offerings.

Our experience with Kemp hardware load balancers allow for us to setup robust environment that can handle up to 10 Gbps throughput, 100 SSL TPS (+), millions of concurrent L4 connections, and up to 1,000 physical or virtual servers per device. Kemp hardware load balancers include enhanced SSL acceleration capabilities, advanced Layer 4 / intelligent Layer 7 application content switching, Active/Hot standby with stateful failover and much more.
An example device deployed by NetSource is the Kemp LoadMaster LM-2400 Load Balancer:


NetSource uses a wide range of hardware load balancers starting at $189 month fully managed.

We also has the capability of setting up complex hybrid hosting solutions using a mix of hardware and cloud services. We offer a public cloud servers/vms with built in Load balancing functions if a hardware option isn’t a good fit. With this type of a hosting setup a client can use load balanced public cloud servers (VMs) directly attached to physical hardware servers (dedicated servers or colocation) using a hybrid implementation.

Load balanced solutions are usually part of a custom package and come from a specific up-time and redundancy requirements. Please contact NetSource to provide an overview of your hosting needs including load balancer requirements and we can architect a solution for you.