R1Soft Data Backup Services

NetSource provides an R1Soft data backup solution in our Naperville, Illinois datacenter and offsite at our Chicago, IL disaster recovery location. R1Soft CDP Server is an affordable, easy-to-use, bare-metal-restore Data Protection backup software for Windows & Linux servers. Built to manage disk-based Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for unlimited servers from a central backup management system. R1Soft protects your data by using replication and synchronization over the network storing point-in-time snap shots in disk-based storage.  This process ensures that your OS, applications, files, and data are backed up and easy to restore.

For more information about R1Soft backup solution you can view the R1Soft data sheet.

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Service Description Cost Order
R1Soft-100GB 100 GB Storage – 30 day incremental – bare-metal-restore $19/mo. Order Now
R1Soft-250GB 250 GB Storage – 30 day incremental – bare-metal-restore $29/mo. Order Now
R1Soft-500GB 500 GB Storage – 30 day incremental – bare-metal-restore $39/mo. Order Now
R1Soft-1TB 1 TB Storage – 30 day incremental – bare-metal-restore $69/mo. Order Now
2 TB Storage – 30 day incremental – bare-metal-restore $119/mo. Order Now
4 TB Storage – 30 day incremental – bare-metal-restore $199/mo. Order Now
8 TB Storage – 30 day incremental – bare-metal-restore $379/mo. Order Now
9 TB to 48+ TB Storage – Special configuration Please Call Order Now
R1Soft-Agent Each Additional Server Agent Cost – For additional Servers $19/mo. Order Now

Please Note: The costs above are for the use of NetSource’s backup system licenses, the backup hardware, the HD space listed, and one server. Additional servers to be backed up are $19 each and will share the total HD space you sign up for. NetSource can set incremental backups to occur more or less frequently (ex. each hr. or each week), additional costs may apply.  Backups offsite to our Chicago DR location requires additional costs.

The R1Soft Backup Solution Doesn’t Just Save Data, It Saves Your Resources!

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Review Of Important Features R1Soft Provides

R1Soft is trusted by thousands of businesses to back up mission critical data and systems. NetSource has extensive experience managing the R1Soft solution, and can help your business get setup today. Below is a small list of the features R1Soft provides the companies who trust it each and every day.

Virtual Full Backup Technology

Continuous Data Protection uses proprietary device drivers for Windows and Linux to efficiently replicate block level changes (deltas) automatically skipping duplicate blocks. Scheduled CDP synchronizations create point-in-time open file snapshots (Recovery Points) that provide Virtual Full Backups.

Client & Server Components of CDP Server

CDP Server works by installing a CDP Agent (client) on the Windows or Linux target server to be protected. The target server could be a physical or virtual machine. The CDP Agents communicate over a PGP key secured TCP/IP network or Internet connection with a CDP Server data repository.

CDP Protects Data on Any Direct Attached Storage

Protect files and storage configuration anywhere you can install the R1Soft Windows or Linux CDP Agent program and device drivers.

Easy-To-Use Web-based User Interface

Manage your CDP Server from a web browser. Even browse and restore files from anywhere with simple browser based access. Manage policy, quotas, users, and initiate restores.


R1Soft CDP can help you keep your backup, restore, and disaster recovery compliant with PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX.

R1Soft CDP Products meet all security requirements. Including end-to-end strong encryption, R1Soft CDP Products can be managed by a backup service provider without requiring access to the encryption key that protects healthcare and financial data. All backup and restore activity is fully logged, critical for PCI compliance. Passwords and encryption keys can be changed if an authorized CE’s (covered entity) member or members are terminated. Ability to grant and modify user access, user access protected with passwords. R1Soft CDP Agent is protected with RSA key authentication and the R1Soft CDP server automatically ends sessions off after completing backup operations. R1Soft CDP software has an automated process for backup frequency, and data retention. This makes it easy for CE’s to have a HIPAA compliant data backup and contingency plan. Bare-metal disaster recovery meets and exceeds disaster recovery requirements.

Restoring Files from Block Level Deltas

Browse files from any recovery point using a Web-based Graphical Explorer. The CDP Server instantly re-assembles block-level Deltas back into files for Windows & Linux file systems.

· Restore files to original or alternate location.
· Restore files to different servers.
· Cross-platform (Windows-Linux) File Restore

Bare-Metal Restore (BMR) in CDP Server

Bare-Metal disaster recovery for Windows & Linux. BMR supports Windows Basic, Logical, & Dynamic Disks, Windows Software RAID, Linux MD/RAID, Linux LVM, and all hardware RAID.

Choose from flexible BMR Boot Methods:
· R1Soft Live CD-ROM for Windows & Linux BMR
· Windows & Linux PXE Network Boot
· Cross-platform (Windows-Linux) File Restore

Support Heterogeneous Environments

The CDP Server Software can be installed on either a Microsoft Windows Server or Linux Server. Regardless of O/S selection for the CDP Server both Windows and Linux computers running the CDP Agent program can be protected. Both Linux and Windows data protection are managed from a single web interface on the CDP Server.

Store Recovery Points on DAS & NAS Devices

Store and Archive CDP Virtual Full Backups onto any disk. Use directly attached RAID, Network Attached Storage, USB Drives, Storage Area Networks, Fibre Channel, ZFS, EMC, NetApps, Sun Filers, etc.

Secure Data Management and Archiving

Data on the CDP Server is stored in R1Soft’s patent-pending Disk Safe storage format. This on-disk format enables CDP Server to archive point-in-time recovery images for long periods of time using as little disk space as possible. For each configured backup schedule a rotation policy can be defined. This policy specifies the number of different incrementals to keep for each schedule. Old recovery points are automatically deleted according to the policy. This system of minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly recovery point management is flexible enough for all needs.

Please consider the following example policy demonstrating the flexibility of automatic data protection policy:

· synchronize hourly – retain the last 48 recovery points
· synchronize daily at midnight – retain the last 20 recovery points
· synchronize weekly on Sundays – retain the last 4 recovery points
· synchronize monthly on the 1st – retain the last 48 recovery points

Such a policy can be automatically managed by CDP Server. In addition to policy based management any unwanted recovery point can be deleted by an administrator at any time. Selected recovery points can also be locked to prevent automatic deletion by a policy.

End-To-End Strong Encryption

CDP Server supports strong encryption of disk data using RSA keys and the blowfish cipher. During a synchronization data is encrypted (and optionally compressed) on the agent and sent to the server over the network where it is stored in encrypted form. The data can only be decrypted using a RSA key protected with a passphrase. During a bare-metal restore disk sectors are decrypted on the fly at the agent.

Reporting Features

R1Soft offers a full range of reporting features that will help you monitor your backups and review logging of important data.

· Centralized logging for all server backups
· Event history and logs via Web-based User Interface
· Flexible E-mail reporting for a single or multiple servers.
· Windows NT Event Logging
· Log events to a remote Unix style syslog network Server

Administration & Fine-Grained Access Control

R1Soft is great for managing a number of servers at the same time because of the built in control features.

· Manage CDP for up to 100 or more servers or virtual machines from a single, centralized Web Interface.
· Automatic Disk Discovery
· Users and Groups (Volumes)
· Fine-grained User permissions: Admin, backup-only, restore-only, view-only, create-users, CDP schedule
· Quotas for Agents and groups of Agents (Volumes)

Windows Server Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Support

The Windows CDP Agent integrates with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) providing online synchronization of VSS aware applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint Services. VSS is also used to provide online backup of disk volumes on Microsoft Windows Servers and work stations.

Open File Backups (Point-in-time Snapshots) for Windows Servers

Windows – R1Soft use Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy to take point-in-time consistent snapshots of your open files on Windows servers. This ensures that your data will be protected and that you will be able to recover your files at the point-in-time they failed.

Flexible Disaster Recovery Methods

Windows & Linux Live Boot CD-ROM – A bootable CD ISO is available for download at www.r1soft.com. Burn this ISO image to a CD and boot your Windows or Linux server from CD to initiate a restore.

Windows & Linux PXE (network) Boot – CDP Server comes with a distribution of PXE network boot files that you can place on a TFTP server along with sample DHCP and TFTP server configuration. Use PXE Boot to fully automate restores over the network.

R1Soft Live Boot Remote Restore – Live Boot is a self-extract install available for download at www.r1soft.com. Extract this file to any Linux server. It will install a new boot loader (grub or lilo) option to boot your Linux server directly into disaster recovery mode. Booting into disaster recovery mode can also be initiated via the command line by an administrator. Then you can initiate a Windows or Linux Bare-Metal restore.