Real-Time Server Monitoring

Real- Time Server MonitoringNetSource uses SysOrb Monitoring for our advanced monitoring service. This service can be added to any of our dedicated and colocation packages. SysOrb includes an easy-to-use web interface which means shorter implementation times, and significantly less training needed than with other competing systems. SysOrb is a highly scalable, secure, and flexible monitoring product and is used by both Corporate IT departments and Managed Service providers. It has many features geared towards managing small, medium, and large server environments. Please review some more of the features this product includes below or contact a NetSource representative at 866-778-1212 for more information.

Service Description Cost  Order
Syorb001 Advanced Monitoring (Colocation or Dedicated Hosting) per server agent $25/mo. Order Now

Please Note: The costs above are to monitor a single server. The $29/mo. cost above is a per server agent cost. More than one agent is required in larger server environments

What Does Sysorb Monitor

For more information about the types of data Sysorb monitors, please click here.

What Type Of Customer Needs Advanced Server Monitoring?

Advanced server monitoring is a great feature for any business running mission critical applications. It provides you 24/7/365 real-time server monitoring of a single server or an entire network. If you are running applications that cannot afford down time then instant notification is paramount. The system can notify you of events via email, SMS, and even page your phone. During the setup process a NetSource technician will work directly with you to setup and monitor all the important services needed for your unique configuration. NetSource will make sure you and your team will receive important notifications based on your custom monitoring requirements.

What Type Of Services Can You Monitor On Your Server?

SysOrb MonitoringWith SysOrb you can monitor a number of important services on your server, and even create custom service monitors. Our service provides monitoring of TCIP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, IMCP, FTP, Snmp, POP3, IMAP, SSH, DNS. It also allows you to monitor CPU, Server Load, Log Checks, Disk, Memory, and Applications. SysOrb also lets you create custom rules to monitor stand along programs like MS SQL, MySQL, Coldfusion, or any other programs that need checks performed. The custom nature of the program allows you to monitor events that most other systems will not handle.

NetSource has also created a PDA / Mobile device website so that you can get to your monitoring statistics on your phone. You can get the same great information while you are off-site and since the application is written for a phone device, the system is fast and easy to use. Contact NetSource for more information on this product at 866-778-1212.

List of Features Advance Monitoring Includes:

  • Supports Windows monitoring, Linux monitoring, UNIX monitoring and Novell NetWare monitoring.
  • Can send alert notifications via email, SMS or directly to your phone.
  • Has a rich variation of different graphs features giving you a unique overview.
  • Stand-alone system comes with critical features – database, report generator, alert notification etc.
  • No need for external databases and easy maintenance of the monitoring system.
  • Monitor services across vendors, apps, and device types keeps monitoring simple.
  • Generate reports showing you past results like last day, 3 month, 6 month or the last year.
  • Easy create and edit policy-based templates that can be applied to multiple nodes
  • Create different types of views – Business or Technical Views.
  • Monitoring of TCIP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, IMCP, FTP, Snmp, POP3, IMAP, SSH, and DNS services, more.
  • Also Monitor CPU, Server Load, Log Checks, Disk, Memory, and Most Applications.
  • Create and configure custom checks with rules that you create based on your unique needs.
  • Plus much more. Contact NetSource at 866-778-1212 for more information.