As the world becomes more connected and customers demand high availability services, many organizations need to have a disaster recovery solution they can rely on to ensure their applications and services are always ready. As stated in a recent Wall Street Journal article; “A survey of 403 IT professionals found 40% said their organization doesn’t have a documented disaster recovery plan. Of those companies that have a plan, only 40% test it at least once a year. Fifty-four percent said their company has experienced a data outage of at least eight hours in the past five years, with power outages, hardware errors, human errors, virus/malware attacks and data corruption as the biggest reasons for such interruptions.”

Choosing the right disaster recovery solution is critical for an organization to survive in today’s competitive market.  How much data can be recovered, and how quickly data can be recovered can vary between providers and solutions.  It’s important to pick the correct solution to meet your own business goals and SLAs that you promise to your customers.

As the Venture Technologies / Netsource Communications (VT/NS) global footprint continues to grow we can provide the infrastructure and expertise to help ensure customers’ data and online services meet today’s high availability standards. VT-NS has selected Veeam ( to help organizations recover from a disaster within minutes instead of hours with low RTO and RPO recovery times. Our personal and customized approach help give our customers the right DR solution and is why our overall customer approval rating consistently exceeds 97%.

A few things to consider when choosing the right partner and solution:

  • Make sure all your servers/infrastructure are part of the disaster recovery process because one weak link can cause issues to snowball.
  • You may want to consider using more than one platform/location to help mitigate the risk of your cloud service suffering a major outage. NetSource/Ventech now have multiple data center locations in different geographical regions.
  • Make sure your solution offers real-time replication to help eliminate the risk of losing critical data or prolonged downtime. Short RPOs and RTOs.
  • Your solution should be scalable so as your infrastructure grows your disaster recovery service plan can scale with it.

NetSource/Venture Technologies can provide a disaster recovery solution for Hyper-V, VMware, or even a non-virtualized server environment using Veeam as well as other popular solutions like Zerto.  Please give us a call at 866-778-1212 for a free analysis and proposal so you can begin the journey and feel more comfortable knowing your organization can survive a disaster.