Data protection and recovery is becoming a major requirement for organizations to ensure success and longevity. Organization’s environments are becoming more and more complicated and companies need to protect their data whether it be physical, virtual, on-premise, or in the cloud.

Migrating your data to an offsite location is critical for a true data recovery solution, but your Wide Area Network (WAN) may not have the capacity for handling large backup files. Your current backup solution should come with integrated WAN optimization technologies that include deduplication, compression, and encryption. These technologies provide data protection and reduce the size (and cost) of synchronizing data backups to help in managing a data recovery solution.

Here are the top five issues to consider when implementing a data recovery plan:

1. What systems/applications need to be included in your data recovery plan?

2. What is your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to get your applications back online and supporting your organization?

3. What is your Recovery Point Objective (RPO)? i.e., how fresh should your data be to continue your daily activities within your organization?

4. What is your current data recovery plan and have you documented it so others know?

5. How confident are you with your recovery plan and has it been tested?

The only way to know if you can recover in an emergency is to test regularly and to test/update plans each time you make a change to your infrastructure.

Another growing area of concern that is quickly emerging is ransomware. Nothing can bring an organization to its knees more completely than ransomware. Newer versions of ransomware are being written which will delay notifying organizations of their presence so many more files and systems can be encrypted causing more downtime and lost revenues.

Backup and recovery tools can now be managed remotely, meaning that organizations no longer need to have a solution deployed at every site there is a server. At Venture Technologies / Netsource Communications (VT-NS) we have partnered with the leading data recovery solutions and we offer a variety of data protection and recovery solutions that will match your needs at a cost you can afford!

Many of the solutions implemented by VT-NS experts leverage different locations via GB connections and can act as backups for each other so that site-level disasters such as electrical failures or flood do not bring down an entire enterprise and the recovery of data is measured in minutes versus days.

Please contact your Netsource Account Team to discuss and review the best solution for you.