Companies of all sizes are moving some or all their applications and services to the cloud. In fact, in a recent IDG Enterprise Research Services survey, 78% of the participating IT and business leaders said they have either already made the transition or are in the process of migrating one or more on-premises applications to the cloud.

The cloud push is happening for many reasons, scalability, agility, and to help organizations manage costs. There is also increasing pressure for organizations to migrate systems from an internally managed application to the digital marketplace to continue to meet today’s customers’ requirements and their real-time expectations. The increase of Internet-of-Things (IoT) demands and devices is also forcing organizations’ applications to be available when, where, and how their customer requires.

Each cloud migration is unique. Taking the time to analyze the different cloud models whether it be public, private, hybrid, will help determine which is the best fit for each application. Many organizations will start with a non-business critical application to migrate to the cloud and test the process first before moving more critical applications. A successful cloud migration(s) can help an organization gain agility, react quickly to market changes, and reduce costs. The right expertise, people, processes, and technical savvy will ensure a successful cloud migration.

As organizational leaders constantly ask their IT departments to do more, the reality is that the in-house IT staff and other supporting departments are often stretched beyond their limits. Partnering with a service provider that has cloud expertise and experience will help educate and make the migration a less frightening one.

A few hints to help start the cloud migration process:

• Review current business workloads to determine how they interact within the organization and if their value would increase on or off premise.

• Research migration strategies before choosing a solution. There are many choices within the cloud offerings as mentioned above, these choices include, Software-As-A-Service (Saas), Platform-As-A-Service(Paas) or a hybrid solution of each.

• Select a small application to migrate to the cloud. This experience will help the team to test, learn, and adapt your cloud migration approach and build momentum and positive attitude.

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