NetSource is now part of Venture Technologies and that means we can now offer many new hosting solutions to current and future customers. We want to introduce our VTCloud service which provides mission-critical cloud hosting delivered on enterprise-class equipment.

VTCloud has been built for the business-class market, but without the enterprise pricing model that usually comes with that. Our pricing model for the VTCloud makes monthly billing easy to understand. We charge customers for the amount of virtual CPU, Ram, and Hard Disk they require for each VM workload. Bandwidth is included in the cost of the package so that customers won’t see hidden costs at the end of the month. That is a major advantage over other hosting providers we like to call the “Big 3”. We keep it simple unlike the competition and you will never see hidden costs creep into your monthly cloud hosting bill.

Venture Technologies built the VTCloud service using only the highest quality hardware in order to run business-class workloads. The VTCloud was build using Cisco Switching, Enterprise Checkpoint firewalls, F5 Load Balancing, HP and Pure Flash Storage, and runs on VMware. VTCloud was also built with many levels of redundancy so that the service up-time is one of the best in the industry. Venture made sure to address many needs that large corporations and Fortune 500 companies would require when moving to the cloud.

Since NetSource is part of Venture Technologies that means we now have data centers in multiple geographic regions. And in 2018 NetSource will have VTCloud nodes in both the Naperville, IL data center and our Jackson, MS data center. Each cloud region has been built with the same quality standards listed above and will run mission-critical workloads of any size. This geographic diversity will allow our customers to move workloads to different regions if required, and also allow customers to implement disaster recovery solutions in much less time because the data centers are connected via direct high-speed connections.

Naperville, IL data center

Jackson, MS data center

Venture Technologies and NetSource have extensive knowledge in both Veeam and Zerto disaster recovery products which can be combined with the VTCloud. These products can be setup on the cloud in order to move data from one geographic region to the other so that data is “off-site” and ready to be recovered quickly during a DR event. Both a “backup” and a “backup and recovery” option is available depending on your needs and budget, and our team of professionals can work directly with your team to ensure your setup works flawlessly. Our support team provides a hands-on approach to support and that is the reason we continue to grow as a hosting provider. We have over 120 certified technicians that are ready to answer your questions and work closely with your team.

If you have any questions about the VTCloud please contact one of our account managers or sales representatives at 866-778-1212. Thank you.