NetSource has added a new line of managed services to address PCI compliance for small and medium sized companies. NetSource has put together an integrated package of services to address PCI compliance, and help companies pass the (SAQ-C) and (SAQ-D) questionnaires that are required. This new line of managed services is a great addition to NetSource’s hosting service offerings because it finally puts PCI compliance within the reach of most businesses.

PCI compliance is now required for any business that transmits or stores credit cards (financial data). While becoming PCI compliant means more than just having a PCI secure hosting environment, NetSource’s new services take the guess work out of the hosting side. This helps our clients become compliant much faster then they might be able to do on their own, and leaves the technical setup for the hosted environment to NetSource.

NetSource has 15 years of hosting experience in the Chicago, IL area and has been researching PCI compliance for hosted applications since the requirement was introduced. NetSource has a number of on-site staff that have become experts in PCI compliance and helping companies meet this requirement. The exciting part about NetSource’s PCI packages is that they include multiple managed services packaged into a single service that takes care of countless hours of planning. This package has been carefully built to address the level of PCI compliance an individual business needs to meet. These services can be added to any dedicated or colocation package that NetSource hosts in our Naperville / Chicago datacenter.

NetSource’s PCI plans start at $499 (SAQ-C) and go up to $799 (SAQ-D) month. Most competing plans from other companies can easily go into the thousands of dollars each month. NetSource begins our plan by first meeting with our clients to determine the level of compliance they need. Next, NetSource helps the client fill out the correct paperwork so that they have proper documentation of meeting PCI requirements.

NetSource’s packages include the hardware required to securely host our client’s data. In many cases we use fully dedicated hardware devices like our hardware firewall with an IDPS security device integrated into it. Our SAQ-D package includes the following items….

  • PCI Security Scans (4 Nodes Included and Scanned Quarterly. More for additional cost.)
  • Hardware Firewall – Fully Managed Juniper SSG5 Hardware Firewall and Monitoring
  • IDPS – Intrusion Detection Integrated Into Firewall For Added Security (* Other Advanced Options Available)
  • Server and Network Monitoring (2 Servers Included – Usually Web and Database Server)
  • Server Patching and Virus Protection Managed By NetSource Team Members
  • Server Logging and Event Monitoring – Required for SAQ-D Compliance
  • Server File Monitoring and Reporting – Required for SAQ-D Compliance
  • PCI Questionnaire (SAQ-D) Consulting and Support To Ensure Completion of PCI Paperwork
  • Response to Alerts and Security Issues as Needed On Security Scans or Monitoring Services.

Please visit our website for more information on our PCI hosting packages that cover both dedicated and colocation hosting clients. For more information on these services please call NetSource at 630-778-1212 or email .