server backupsMany of our customers know that NetSource offers backup services for servers inside of our datacenter, but few realize we provide backup services for servers or workstations located at your office location. These solutions will backup your servers or workstations on a regular pre-determined interval and move the data to NetSource’s secure datacenter. NetSource offers a few different choices depending on our client’s needs, and will work with you to pick the best solution for your business.

R1Soft Backup Option:

R1soft is an agent-based system that can be installed on servers or workstations located inside of your office. Once this agent is installed, NetSource can start backing up your data to our secure backup servers located at NetSource’s datacenter. We will set when the backups run, how many times they run per day, and how many incremental backups (days) we save. The data is encrypted using 256-bit encryption while being transmitted and at rest.

R1soft works on both Windows and Linux servers and workstations and is a cost effective way to make sure you don’t lose mission critical data located on-site at your office location. Please note that this solution will require clients to have a large Internet pipe so it can handle regular backups sometimes multiple times per day. Contact NetSource at 630-778-1212 to talk with an R1soft expert.

Veeam Backup and Recovery Option:

Do you have important servers located at your office or another datacenter that you need to recover in a disaster? NetSource can setup a Veeam backup and recovery DR solution for clients who not only need data backups but also want server recovery during an emergency. This service is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to provide mission critical data backup and recovery of virtualized servers.

To use Veeam the servers need to be running either Hyper-V or Vmware in a virtualized environment. This is a great solution for backing up servers not only in your office but at secondary datacenters you might be using. Your data is backed up securely to a Veeam backup and recovery server located at NetSource. In the event of a disaster at your office location, you can initiate a recovery of the VM at NetSource with the push of a button. NetSource would work with you to size out recovery Vms capable to handling your primary server load or we can build you a custom setup depending on size and need. Most clients can be back up and running after a disaster in as little as 15 minutes.

Please contact NetSource at 630-778-1212 and a Veeam expert can discuss the many different options we have to help backup and recover your important servers quickly.