As technology becomes a larger part of our world, some companies need to grow their IT departments to stay competitive. While it makes sense for some companies to have in-house IT experts, many companies would benefit tremendously by outsourcing their hosting services. Outsourcing your IT services can take many different paths but the general idea is to free up resources so you can concentrate on the growth of the business. Saving cost is another reason to outsource your IT services, but that should never be the only reason for outsourcing.

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What are some items to consider when you are thinking about outsourcing your hosting to a managed services company?

1) Does the company you select to manage your hosting share the same values and have the correct level of technical expertise your business requires? Let’s face it, there are hundreds of managed services companies and it is hard to select one even after a detailed vetting process is complete. Outsourcing your hosting services should make your company stronger because you are partnering with a team of technicians who bring new skills to the table your company may not have. If you feel that you are taking a step backwards when hiring a partner then you should reconsider even if you are saving money. Pick a company with capabilities that make your business better. Remember, the managed services company you select and the resources they own become an extension of your business.

2) Does the company you select have the infrastructure (hardware, facility) your business needs Are you selecting a provider because of the technicians (people) only, or are you also considering the infrastructure they can provide? In many cases companies providing IT managed services are leasing space from a third party datacenter where they have little control. This incorporates a third party into the mix and can make solving issues or changing services more complex. While this isn’t always a problem it could make it harder for managed service companies to offer support when they cannot make adjustments to infrastructure quickly. Service providers that lease space from third parties also lose some control over costs. For example, if the price of power in the datacenter goes up then they may need to raise costs for their own clients. Picking a managed services company that owns and operates the hosting infrastructure can be very important and should always be considered when selecting a company to work with.

3) Do you think you would be more productive if your business didn’t need to worry about managing servers and IT infrastructure? If the answer is yes then you should consider outsourcing these tasks to a managed services company. Hiring a company to remove this layer of complexity can really improve your productivity on what you do sell. Many times we see businesses spending 50% of their time trying to manage hosting setups when their real product is selling widgets. Do you really want to worry about firewall security or backing up your data when you can have experts do this for you? These experts are usually a better choice because they focus on providing these services every day and are keeping up on the newest technologies.

4) Can you save a large amount of money by outsourcing? This is something you should get real numbers on so you can make the best decision. Hiring a company like NetSource to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot your hosting configuration can actually cost much less than hiring a team of experts to work for your company as full time staff. NetSource employees a team of professionals with a vast range of knowledge and skills to help your business succeed. NetSource works on hosting related tasks every day and is always learning new skills to help our clients solve issues or grow their business. Depending on your needs it can be much less expensive to hire a managed services company to buy, install, and manage the hosting equipment and services you require.

How can NetSource help your business?

NetSource provides managed hosting services for businesses of all sizes. NetSource also owns and operates our own SSAE16 Type II datacenter located just outside of Chicago in Naperville, IL. This unique combination of providing managed services and owning the datacenter put NetSource in a unique position to offer our clients a complete managed hosting package without getting a third party involved. NetSource specializes in building very unique hosting packages for our clients depending on growth plan. NetSource can purchase custom servers, sans, networking, and security equipment that many other managed hosting providers cannot offer. NetSource can mix colocation with managed services or cloud hosting services to create a package that meets the needs of our clients. NetSource can even build clients their own private cloud setup with a private SAN and manage this for them so they can concentrate on selling their product or service. Please give NetSource a call at 630-778-1212 to see how we can help your business grow. Visit our homepage at