NetSource (, based in Naperville IL, is among only a handful of Chicago area datacenters offering roof access packages for use with our colocation, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting packages. NetSource’s roof access packages start for as little as $149 month depending on the size of the antenna and the packages they are combined with.

NetSource, located about 30 miles outside of Chicago, can customize a roof rights package to meet your hosting needs. NetSource works with companies who need roof access for various custom antenna or dish setups that require a wireless connection. Customers that need to transmit or receive high speed data over the airwaves and to satellites find NetSource an easy and cost effective solution. Getting setup is easy. Our clients submit a plan to NetSource and can hire a setup technician or have NetSource install the antenna for a fee. NetSource will help run the cabling back down into your rack space in our datacenter so that your hosting infrastructure links directly with the antenna you have placed on the building’s roof. Planning and setup can usually be done in about a week’s time on simplier setups.

Roof access is very important to companies and businesses for many different reasons. Some clients use roof access rights to pull and transmit video from satellites and then retransmit this over the air. Other setup wireless point to point connections to secondary locations like an office or second datacenter. So the common uses for roof access can be for standard services or disaster recovery setups. When setup correctly a wireless connection can be very reliable (99.999%) and can offer mission critical services for clients that may not be able to physically lay down a cable back to a specific location.

For more information about roof and antenna access at NetSource’s datacenter located in the Chicago area please contact sales at . NetSource can review your plan and offer a quote usually within 24 hours or less.