R1Soft BackupsWhen we talk to clients we get a common theme from them. They all want to focus more on their business and less on the daily technology tasks. Did you know that NetSource offers an enterprise data backup solution to our customers? NetSource will setup, monitor, and perform restores for you so you don’t have to worry about any of this. Find out why R1soft is a great data backup solution for your business.

NetSource offers a fully managed data backup solution to clients who host in NetSource’s Naperville, IL datacenter. NetSource installs a backup agent on the customer’s server and moves data on a set schedule to one of NetSource’s secure storage servers. The storage servers are located in Naperville, IL or data can also be moved across NetSource’s dark fiber connection to 350 E. Cermak for customers who want off-site backups. The end result is having your important data backed up securely and without having to worry about doing it yourself or managing the routine task.

As part of the backup service NetSource will install the agents and fully manage the backups for our clients. This means that NetSource performs both daily electronic and human checks to confirm backups are running. If a backup fails, NetSource has a team of people analyzing the failure and will re-run the backup so that everything is 100% correct. NetSource’s backup service allows our clients to log into a portal and pull individual files from the past restore points. NetSource will also have a team of backup professionals on-call and ready to help if a customer ever needs to perform a bare-metal-restore to recover and entire system. A bare-metal-restore will bring back not only data but the OS, applications, files, and everything else so that you are back up and running with minimal effort.

R1soft is a proven backup technology used by nearly 1,800 service providers protecting nearly 250,000 servers at truly an enterprise level. Server and VM R1soft agents are resource light on servers and backups are fast since only incremental backups are being processed after the first one has been completed. R1soft is multi-platform and works with both Windows and Linux servers. The servers can either be physical or virtual. R1soft can be setup to run daily, every hour, or even every 15 minutes if a faster recovery interval is required. Purchase additional storage space to store additional restore points as needed.

Contact NetSource at to discuss our R1soft backup service and other disaster recover options that NetSource offers to our clients. NetSource offers a complete line of DR hosting services and backups is just a small part of an entire DR package.