NetSource is introducing a new cloud environment tailored for small businesses. Yes, NetSource has provided cloud services for years. But, NetSource has just released a new offer based on the evolving needs of customers and small business.

Watch an online demo video for setting up our cloud click here or a video on using cloud firewalls click here. Each video is under 8 minutes long.

Research has shown that over 60% of first time efforts into cloud technologies fail. Either, the price wasn’t as expected, the solution didn’t perform, security was lacking, or a number of other issues are sited in the research. Why do these efforts fail? NetSource believes there are two key reasons 1) lack of understanding and knowledge and 2) lack of help. Cloud services, as offered by the industry, are offered as a commodity and businesses need more, particularly small businesses.

So, what is new? NetSource becomes a partner with our clients to make sure they have a full team behind them to support their cloud environment. Our clients are never on their own with items like security. NetSource decided to take a new approach to cloud offers.

First, we solve the security issue. Most public clouds provide a shared network approach that is inherently insecure. With NetSource, each customer network is separated from others rather than sharing a network. NetSource solves this problem by creating isolated VLANs for customers down to the physical level. Ask any security expert. VLAN isolation is critical to achieving security.

Next, NetSource understands that there is a hurdle to cross to get onboard with cloud services. NetSource helps small and medium sized businesses get over that hurdle. How? When you want to try a cloud solution, we setup a trial portal for you to access the cloud. You get a basic manual that describes how to get up and running fast. In the meantime, NetSource will schedule one-on-one real-time webinars to show you the ropes or even help you setup your environment with no cost to you. If the environment doesn’t solve your particular problem, just stop the trial and you didn’t spend a cent. So, you are getting a risk free environment with a lot of help along the way.

Third, we can customize the cloud environment to meet very specific needs. We can help setup VPNs between remote hosted environments and your NetSource cloud setup. We can help physically connect a colo or dedicated server environment at NetSource to your NetSource cloud environment. We can create custom templates for creating VMs, provide dedicated cloud hardware for your project, and solve many other specific problems you might have. You get just want you need.

The New NetSource Cloud Features:

  • Self service portal included
  • Pay-as-you-go model for pricing on all VMs
  • Assisted signup
  • API and Scripted Control
  • Full featured self management portal
  • Create VMs and use them immediately
  • Destroy VMs when they are no longer needed
  • Create advanced multi-layer network architectures immediately
  • Higher level of security using VLAN isolation in your network
  • Secure virtual networks are included
  • Dynamically add or remove disk volumes to VMs
  • Dynamically scale VM resources
  • Move a disk volume from one VM to another
  • High availability VMs
  • Self management of firewall rules
  • Self management of load balancing between VMs
  • Build a virtual private cloud
  • Account management with multiple users
  • Project setup and management
  • Share networks between projects
  • Resource usage reports and billing summaries
  • Setup a tiered account approach for reselling
  • SSAE16/SOC1/SOC2 and Safe Harbor compliant
  • And much more….

Try to get this level of support from other cloud providers that take a commodity approach. It won’t happen. But, NetSource makes it happen for you.

If are interesting in starting with your free unlimited trial, or just want to learn more, call us at 630-778-1212. If you want info on our next cloud webinar please email us at