By now our clients know that NetSource offers cloud-based hosting services similar to Amazon and Azure. In fact, most of today’s cloud providers are using technology similar to the companies they are competing against. So the logical next question is what are the differences between service providers? Find out why NetSource is different from the giants in the industry and how we help our customers navigate the cloud.

Good Technology Is Only Part Of It

NetSource’s cloud is an agile, scalable, fully virtualized pool of servers, storage, and network assets powering our client’s applications and hosted environments. Our engineering, operations, and help-desk staff use industry-best tools and practices to deliver service with aggressive SLAs and high industry up-times. With multiple SSAE16 Type 2 datacenters throughout the USA, NetSource provides cloud services at the highest level.

As stated earlier, the technology behind competing service providers is similar in many respects. They all require a high level of engineering to ensure applications achieve top notch performance with almost no downtime. Companies rely on cloud services to run their business and all good hosting providers understand this. NetSource also understands that there is more than technology that should be considered when selecting a cloud hosting vendor.

Having Help When It’s Needed Can Mean Everything

In a world of competing cloud service providers what makes NetSource a better choice for your business?

NetSource’s recent merger with Venture Technologies included the addition of over one hundred certified technicians. All of these experts are ready to help you and your business get the most out of your cloud service at NetSource. Unlike some larger cloud hosting companies that require massive support contracts to get noticed, NetSource and Venture Technologies offer specialized support packages that can fit any budget and level of support your business might require.

The cloud has simplified the process of setting up hardware and servers, but a business will still need a high level of server management skills to be successful. If you don’t have these skills your cloud servers may not perform as expected and could be open to major security breaches. You won’t know what is wrong if you don’t know what to check. If your business doesn’t have the time or the expertise to manage your environment then a provider like NetSource is a perfect choice?

From day one NetSource can help you plan, implement, and manage your cloud environment. NetSource will help answer your questions without requiring an extended support contract. You will have peace-of-mind knowing that you selected a knowledgeable team who are always ready to help answer your questions. You will never be on your own to figure it out!

NetSource’s certified team of professionals can provide server management services including firewall and security setups, data backups, server monitoring, OS patching, virus protection and much more. When you select NetSource you are adding a team full of technicians who have years of experience in the cloud hosting industry. We offer individualized support on a case-by-case basis and can also provide monthly maintenance packages that take care of everything for you.

So why is this so different from our competition? For starters, you are not required to have a costly support contract before you will receive help. Plus, we can offer the right level of support based on individual needs and budget with custom packages available. We help small, medium, and large corporations migrate to the cloud and ensure their success with this always-changing technology.

Please contact NetSource at 630-778-1212 to discuss how we can help you.