Chicago, IL: NetSource works primarily with small and medium sized companies creating custom hosting solutions. NetSource focuses on affordable hosting solutions that small and medium businesses need for their mission critical processes. Each package we develop for a client is designed based off business criteria including initial requirements, redundancy, security, compliance, and finally a budget. This makes NetSource unique in the hosting industry because we can provide fully custom hosting solutions that meet the budget of a small and medium sized company. We challenge you to try and get that level of customization and value from the larger hosting providers.

Just because you don’t own a Fortune 500 company it doesn’t mean your business requires less security, redundancy, performance, or compliance. NetSource understands that many small and medium sized businesses in Chicago and the U.S. need to meet certain standards and laws in order to grow. NetSource has extensive experience creating custom hosting solutions that meet these needs and allow your business to stay competitive.

PCI and HIPAA hosting can be a scary reality for small and medium sized companies. Not only do they feel overwhelmed with the technical requirements but the costs can add up quickly. NetSource has developed custom hosting packages to address the need companies have to meet compliances that are required in order to exist. NetSource can create a custom PCI and HIPAA hosting package for your business and work with your auditor to ensure it meets their requirements. You will get a custom solution that meets the exact needs or compliance requirements of your business and nothing more.

Private Cloud HostingDoes your small or medium sized business use or want cloud hosting services? NetSource can offer a wide range of solutions including private clouds where we provide you your own SAN and dedicated equipment. A custom setup like this that can run 1-30+ VMs starts at as little as $1,200 month. Plus you can build out the private cloud with as much performance, storage, security, and redundancy as you need without worrying about huge costs when you grow later. When you go with a private cloud solution you get to provision the exact size and performance of each individual VM, and it’s all included in the single monthly price. This allows you to budget everything in advance, and that is a great feature for small and medium sized companies.

Finally, NetSource can manage every part of your hosting environment for you. This allows small and medium sized businesses to focus on their core strengths and leave the technical stuff to NetSource. Having NetSource manage your environment can also equal huge savings when the average salary for an IT professional is nearing $75,000 year. NetSource will provide value to your business.

NetSource owns and operates our very own SSAE16 Type II, SOC1, SOC2 datacenter located in the Chicago suburbs. We offer a wide range of services included managed hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, cloud (public and private), and security services. Please give us a call today at 630-778-1212 for a free review of your hosting needs.