It has been a busy and exciting month for the NetSource Chicago-land team. Our new partnership with Venture Technologies has begun laying the groundwork/infrastructure for many new and exciting services. Many “behind the scenes” happenings will continue to help strengthen our presence across the US and Globe. As the data centers become integrated, our footprint and services will continue to strengthen. We will provide updates about these capabilities in our monthly newsletters.

Venture Technologies operates certified Data Centers (VTCloud®) in Jackson, Mississippi, Englewood, Colorado, and Casper, Wyoming from which it produces a comprehensive suite of cloud services to thousands of domestic and international customers. By combining NetSource’s existing services along with the additional resources Venture Technologies brings to the table, and the high level of customer service both companies are known for, our customers will realize substantial benefits for themselves and for their client base.

This new relationship will provide our customers with many high-tech solutions for many years to come. As many recent articles have mentioned disaster recovery and having a technical partner are critical for continued IT success. We know that service disruptions can cause major issues for customers, and they can be quite costly too. As today’s businesses rely even more on data center services, the cost and impact of outages will continue to be challenging for many organizations. However, there are ways to prepare.

Consider the following steps to prepare for disaster recovery:

A. Which systems are critical and need recovery; and, how quickly they need to be recovered.
B. Test out your plan. It’s important to ensure you have proper failover capabilities.
C. Ensure your plan is updated when applications change.
D. Learn and understand the value of your IT. A big part is placing a real business value around the IT applications. Understand what it’ll cost you to lose a server or applications for one hour or more.
E. When your primary cloud/data center goes down you should have a failover platform which is ready for a seamless transition when needed. This solution can be anything from real-time failover to multi-hour data recovery. The solution you select should be based on your own business needs and the needs of your own clients.

The more prepared you are around your critical systems, the quicker you can recover. If you want to learn more about the NetSource / Venture Technologies offerings, please give us a call at 630-778-1212 or email