For a whitepaper on Using Private Cloud to Minimize Costs for DR – click here

When asked what keeps them up at night, many small business owners and managers say they worry about losing their critical company data. What happens when a disaster strikes? Companies can lose reputation and even their livelihoods if they were to lose data or be out of service for their customers. Now, more than ever, companies, due to regulations, compliance standards, and pressure from their customers are asking how to protect themselves against disasters. Small and medium sized companies can no longer wait to protect themselves. The good news is that help is here.

NetSource is offering a disaster recover (DR) solution tailored for small and medium sized businesses. NetSource has listened to its customers and they need a cost effective solution that gives them good protection against disasters. A good DR solution for small business has the following characteristics;

  • data integrity, data is safe,
  • data availability, services can access the data and be available to customers,
  • verification and management of data integrity and availability,
  • ability to recover from failures within a set time frame (fail over),
  • ability to roll back to the original operation state (fail back),
  • secure transfer and storage of data,
  • geographic diversity,
  • and the solution doesn’t break the bank.

NetSource supports a range of solutions from simple data backup to immediate fail over and automatic fail back. For small businesses, we find that budgets have been the biggest obstacle preventing companies from implementing a robust DR solution. For small businesses there are two good options, 1) < 24 hour fail over time and 2) < 1 hour fail over time. Immediate fail overs are possible, but often, small businesses consider these solutions cost prohibitive. So, NetSource developed a solution that relies on private cloud hosting to implement a DR site. It is affordable for small business and still meets all the requirements. The key is that NetSource works as part of the business team to implement the solution.

How does it work? The idea is simple. The company maintains a primary site for hosting services or operations. This location can be at their office or be off site at a data center. This primary site is already up and running and servicing its customer base. NetSource adds a secondary site that mimics the primary site at a location separate from the primary site. However, to keep costs down, the secondary site uses a private cloud environment, designed to match the customer’s primary site. Then, NetSource implements and manages the secondary site and coordinates synchronizing the two site’s data. NetSource provides everything needed to make it work, the initial analysis, the secondary site, synchronizing the two sites, monitoring the data flow, and managing the secondary site. Finally, NetSource facilitates the fail over and fail back events so the customer can focus on their businesses. Remember, NetSource becomes like part of your team for this implementation so we meet the most exacting needs.

A company might also consider the NetSource public cloud as a DR solution and that solution has its own advantages. But, a private cloud offers other advantages beyond just cost. A company has better security and control over a private cloud environment and it can’t be impacted by the behaviors of other users.

There are a number of other DR solutions that NetSource can provide, but this one is particularly attractive to small businesses that need protection on a limited budget.

Since NetSource has the experience, the solution, and the hands, the customer can rest assured that they are protected against the worst disasters. It may be time to call NetSource – 630-778-1212.

For a whitepaper on Using Private Cloud to Minimize Costs for DR – click here