ServerNetSource has been a leader in the dedicated hosting business for over 17 years. While there are many dedicated hosting companies providing standard dedicated servers with average specifications few provide servers capable of hosting big data clients. Many big data customers require 128 to 256 GB of ram, SSD drives, and high end CPUs. NetSource offers high end big data servers at a cost that is about ½ what many of the larger hosting companies currently charge.

Companies who classify themselves as big data businesses often have very specific dedicated hosting needs. They need servers that are capable of very high IOPs, data write and reads, and blazing fast CPU performance. The big data customers need overall performance because they are in a race to collect as much data as possible from a specific source and write that to their server. They are using the servers at or near 100% capacity 24/7/365.

NetSource offers a complete line of big data servers. NetSource can also purchase custom cpus, ram, and overall hardware if a client has a specific need. Custom dedicated server setups are a large part of NetSource’s overall business because it allows the clients to tell us what they need. NetSource can optimize the server to perform at capacity and we have experience setting up servers in this type of environment.

NetSource’s server offerings are always changing so check back often but a few of our packages are listed below….

  1. 2 x E5-2670 (16 Cores), 96 GB Ram, 2 x 240 GB SSD – $832 mo.
  2. 2 x X5660 (12 Cores), 128 GB RAM, 4 x 300 GB 15K – $574 mo.
  3. 2 x E5-2643 (8 Cores), 128 GB Ram, 2 x 300 GB SSD – $676 mo.

To see more package options visit our Dedicated Hosting Page.

If you want NetSource to provide you a quote on a custom server setup please contact us at and we will be happy to gather details and provide a quote.