The decision to outsource all or even just some of the management of your hosting environment should not be taken lightly. It is something that ought to be a part of your long term business strategy and you obviously want to get it right. Deciding how much or what parts of your hosting to outsource really depends on a few important factors that we will address in this article.

What is your core business?

Is IT your core business? How many internal resources do you have to devote to infrastructure management? If the answer is “none” or “not many”, taking advantage of managed services may be the way to go. Today almost every business relies on technology to run day to day operations, but that does not mean IT is where their specialties lie. In reality the amount of tasks there are to maintain stable daily operations can be quite overwhelming, especially for companies who do not have an internal IT department that is experienced in managing such tasks. With so many valuable managed hosting services available, you may find that it doesn’t make sense to try and master infrastructure yourself, at least not entirely. If you do have a small in-house IT department, allow them to focus on key tasks in their skill set that lend to company growth, and offload those that don’t.

How often does the market for your product or service change?

Mainly due to technology, changes today in almost every market can come quickly and often, and businesses who aren’t able to adapt to those changes in real time will fall behind. These changes can range from industry specific trends to the adoption of new technology to solve specific problems, such as cloud and hybrid solutions. Offloading aspects of your hosting, that are not your expertise, to a managed service provider can help you remain agile without losing focus on your core business and ultimately your growth goals.

Is controlling costs a priority?

When is the answer to this question ever “No”?! Managed hosting services obviously come at a cost, but you may find that those costs are actually much lower than you expect, especially when factoring in the time and money it takes to hire full time staff. Additionally, the potential for long run cost savings should be taken into consideration. Offloading the management of your hosting environment frees you of the burden of upgrades, systems monitoring patch updates, and overall maintenance of your server environment.

If you are still unsure whether or not managed services are something your company would benefit from, please contact a NetSource representative for a free consultation. We can help you decide the exact level of management that is right for you. When you bring NetSource on to manage some or all of your IT infrastructure we act as an extension of your team, constantly having the best interests of your business in mind. We view each account as a partner in business, not just a client.

One common misconception about employing a managed service provider is that you are giving up control. At NetSource you maintain the exact level of control that you need and want, while allowing us to take care of the tasks that only take away focus on your business. Working with us as your partner will keep your IT costs down, help you to remain agile, and drive growth for years to come.

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