NetSource offers managed Microsoft Exchange 2010 hosting for businesses that need the full resources of a dedicated server. Our managed packages let you select a dedicated server that meets the requirements of your growing business as the platform to host Exchange. NetSource will then take care of the installation and setup of Exchange, and provide full management of the server including monitoring, backups, and firewall services. This means you can spend less time with the management of your primary communication tool, and lower your IT costs. Our packages provide a reliable and proven platform for your collaborative requirements with the speed and resources you require.

The Advantages of Our Dedicated Server Exchange Packages:

  1. You get the full resources of a dedicated server for your Exchange service. This means you can select the size of items like server CPU, hard drives, and ram in order to make sure you have room for future growth. You won’t have to split the resources of a shared Exchange server like many other providers offer. You also won’t have to pay premiums as your space requirements increase.
  2. NetSource will install and configure Exchange for your company. You will have the resources of a technology company with 15 years experience working for you.
  3. The daily management of the Exchange server will be handled by NetSource so you don’t have to worry about that. NetSource will provide advanced server monitoring, enterprise (bare-metal-restore) backups, and firewall security on your server so that you can concentrate on growing your business. NetSource also has on-site replacement of hardware components and an installation team to ensure you are always up and running.
  4. You get the advantages of licensing Exchange through NetSource’s hosting agreement, saving you on up-front software costs. Our monthly dedicated hosting rates will also save you on the up-front costs of buying a server and other hardware components.

What is Microsoft Exchange 2010 And Why Do Businesses Use It?:

Microsoft Exchange is a collaborative application consisting of email, calendaring, contact management, and user tasks with support for mobile and web-based access to all this information. The product helps businesses save time viewing, creating, and managing their email. It also provides easier access to your business tools via online features, faster connections to your coworkers, and better access to important company information. Exchange was developed to work seemlessly with the Outlook 2010 email cleint. Some newer features of 2010 also include more time sensitive features like email archiving and meeting compliance requirements.

Sample Package and Pricing For Services:

Dedicated Server Costs:

  • Windows 2008 64 Bit
  • 6 GB Ram
  • 2 x 250 GB Hard Drives
  • Raid 1 Hardware Controller
  • 2 TB Data Transfer Mo. Included

Costs: $0 Setup and $261 month

Exchange Server 2010 Costs:

Packages start at $5 mo. per user. Costs vary depending on add-on packages. Monthly management starts at $100 per month and we have added this to the total cost below for example purposes only. Management fees may be different depending on requirements.

Managed Services Included In Package:

  • Full Dedicated Juniper Firewall – $69 month
  • 500 GB Enterprise Data Backups – $49 month
  • Advanced Server Monitoring Service – $29 month

Estimated Total For Entire Package:

$500 Setup and $508 month (Plus Per User Exchange Costs)
* Pricing is estimated for example purposes only and is subject to change

For more information on NetSource’s dedicated Exchange hosted solutions please contact NetSource at . Call NetSource for a detailed price quote for your business today.