NetSource DatacenterNetSource’s hosting business continues to grow in 2009 despite the economic downturn. NetSource has seen a steady increase in total revenue over the last 2 years at our Chicago datacenter business due to strong demand for quality hosting at a good cost.

NetSource’s location and product positioning within this field has been a major reason for the growth patterns. NetSource is located in Naperville, IL about 31 miles from downtown Chicago. This puts the datacenter in a unique location that is really good for people who just don’t want to commute into the city every day. Location is something that is more important as people see their salaries decrease.

NetSource’s price and value are also what businesses are seeking right now. NetSource’s price point is very competitive compared to the competition. We are seeing many businesses who were fine with paying inflated datacenter costs in the past, looking for less expensive options. When these businesses come out to tour NetSource they feel that the center is comparable to their current centers, at much better prices. NetSource may not have 0,000 sf of floor space, but the facility has everything that the larger facilities have and the customer services is on a more personal level.

NetSource is always looking forward and even though we have been in business since 1995 we know that things change quickly. NetSource has plans to build out another 3,500 SF of space around 2010 and will be taking notes on what our business customers want most.