Chicago western suburbs datacenterNetSource is Chicago’s premier data center and hosting provider located in Chicago’s western suburbs. NetSource has over 22+ years of experience providing mission-critical hosting services to companies that rely on enterprise hosting. Now that NetSource has merged with Venture Technologies in early 2017, our capabilities have grown much larger. The merger provides NetSource with new service offerings as well as additional geographic diversity options for our disaster recovery clients.

NetSource offers an entire line of enterprise hosting services for clients in both Chicago and the Western Suburbs of Chicago. Some of the services NetSource provides to clients include co-location hosting, dedicated hosting/servers, cloud hosting, and fully managed hosting solutions so that businesses can concentrate on running their business and not the technical grind. NetSource can create custom hosting environments based on real-world requirements and budgets, and provide a new partner for your team.

Clients select NetSource instead of larger hosting providers like Amazon, Google or Azure because we can provide dedicated infrastructure and custom managed services with personalized support. We don’t require our clients to pick from a predefined package of services or offerings. We customize the solution to meet their needs. Businesses soon find out you still need to manage Amazon, Google, and Azure hosting services. NetSource can provide a custom layer of technical support so your company can focus on growing the business and not the management of technology.

NetSource offers a full range of cutting-edge services. NetSource has cloud services located in our data centers in Naperville and Chicago as well as Jackson, MS, and Denver Colorado. We have a large team of certified technicians that can provide a high level of support which is required for business class hosting.

Some of the services we provide that are unique to NetSource are our private cloud setups with dedicated hardware. We set up the infrastructure with multiple dedicated servers and a redundant SAN. You choose the specifications of the hardware depending on the level of performance your business requires but also have the option of growing it later. You get the full resources of the environment for one monthly cost. You can setup 10 or 100 Vms on the private cloud and besides licensing costs your costs do not change. NetSource will manage the entire setup for your company including patching, security, and backups / DR.

Our merger with Venture Technologies has really helped with our disaster recovery options. NetSource now provides full Veeam redundant solutions based out of our many data centers. We also provide Zerto disaster recovery solutions which provide real-time recovery options for Vms running on Hyper-V or Vmware. We will discuss your requirements and can select the right product for your needs and budget.

Finally, Venture Technologies has increased our capabilities in offering enterprise storage options. NetSource and Venture Technologies can offer Pure Storage solutions and enterprise Flash storage for enterprise business needs. This includes Pure Storage Flash Stacks and Flash Arrays used my many Fortune 500 clients. We have provided these services to all types of enterprise clients and can cover your needs with you as soon as you are ready.

Please contact a NetSource representative at 630-778-1212 or 866-778-1212 for more information about our Chicago suburbs hosting services.