Chicago, IL — NetSource Communications, Inc., a leading enterprise hosting company, has expanded its suite of cloud hosting services to include Dedicated Cloud. Dedicated Cloud is truly a unique hosting service that offers the redundancy of the public cloud, as well as the performance and security benefits of dedicated hosting.

With this environment a client is on a physical isolated server dedicated solely to them, and that server is placed inside NetSource’s Public Cloud. Because of the single-tenancy aspect of Dedicated Cloud, each client has full control over the resources of their server. One of the most compelling aspects of this new service offering is the ability to create an unlimited amount of VMs (as many as the server’s resources will allow) at one fixed monthly cost. Additionally, if hardware fails the client is migrated to new hardware in a matter of seconds. There will always be a server on standby in the public cloud ready to take over in an emergency.

Dedicated Cloud is often the perfect solution for companies who want to move part or all of their hosting to the cloud but are unable due to strict compliance requirements, such as server isolation. It is also a popular solution for businesses who need to create large a number of VMs but prefer to have one monthly cost and no overage charges.

NetSource has been implementing Dedicated Cloud environments for clients for the past few years for special cases, but as interest has grown they decided to develop it into a more concrete offering alongside their other core hosting services. 1 TB of disk space and 100 mbps of unmetered bandwidth is included with every setup, and additional space is billed per GB used. They offer packages from 32 to 256 GB Ram, all at a fixed monthly cost. Click here for more information.