ServerNetSource has just launched a new line of dedicated servers that will replace our existing offerings. The new servers will be targeted at the Chicago dedicated hosting market, and provide companies with a larger selection to choose from. NetSource has increased our core server offerings to 12 standard configurations (Windows and Linux), but will also still build custom servers for any client that has specific needs.

NetSource has made the update to our line of servers in order to make sure we advance as technology moves forward. NetSource has added servers from the Nehalem, Gainestown, and Lynnfield Intel line. These servers include the E5504, E5410, and X3450. These CPUs have some of the best performance/price ratios in the server market. Each server can be mounted with single or dual CPUs, and can be configured to each client’s need with items like raid (1 or 5) and other features.

You can view the new line of dedicated servers from NetSource here:

Dedicated hosting Solutions

NetSource continues to improve our services each year, and we feel that we now have one of the strongest and most price competitive dedicated server offerings in Chicago. When you start to add all the features that come standard on NetSource servers, competing dedicated hosting companies don’t to look so good. For instance, four of our servers come with raid and most other companies can charge an extra $100 mo. to add raid and additional drives. It is always important to price out the entire server and then compare apples to apples.

One more advantage to the NetSource dedicated server line is that NetSource uses brand new equipment in our servers. This means that NetSource builds new servers for each new client. The equipment hasn’t been used and that means that our servers have a much higher reliability factor than most companies using older servers.

If you are interested in finding out more about our new line of dedicated servers, please visit our website (see above) or call 630-778-1212 to talk to a sales technician.