Intel Quad CoreNetSource is currently offering great pricing on our line of Intel Quad-Core dedicated servers. NetSource’s servers come standard with many of the options that you will have to add to other competitor’s packages. For example NetSource’s DH-Ultra comes with hardware Raid 5 and 3 x 1 TB hard drives. When you price out the systems based on the amount of extras included, you can see why NetSource is such a great value. NetSource’s Quad core packages start at $279 month and can have a Linux or Windows OS.

NetSource has been providing dedicated servers to businesses in the Chicago area since 1995. NetSource also owns and operates our very own datacenter located in Naperville Illinois. Since NetSource owns their datacenter they have full control over the quality and speed of our dedicated hosting connections. This also provides NetSource the flexibility to create custom servers for our clients depending on their exact needs. If a client doesn’t see a dedicated server that meets their exact needs, NetSource can bring in new equipment and create a system for the client. NetSource is not a commodity hosting provider and instead treats each of our business clients with custom support and attention. This is another reason that most of NetSource’s dedicated hosting clients are established small to medium sized companies who need mission critical hosting services.

Right now for a limited time (until the end of 2009), if you mention the code “Quad-5-09” NetSource can take an additional 5% off the advertised cost of any Quad-Core dedicated server configuration. This does not include managed services and will only be taken off the cost of the dedicated server. Contact NetSource today to find out what makes us one of the fast growing dedicated hosting providers in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs.

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