NetSource is pleased to announce that we have successfully upgraded our rock solid network to 10 gbps through our tier 1 backbone. This is just one of many new and important upgrades to our datacenter over the last 6 months. NetSource continues to grow by providing colocation, cloud, and managed dedicated hosting services to hundreds of businesses.

This new upgrade means that our clients will continue have the same reliability as they have had in the past but enjoy faster connections and more room for their own growth. NetSource planned the upgrade with our clients in advance of the changes and everything was seamlessly migrated successfully to the faster connections.

NetSource is currently working on completing a build out of another 3,500 SF of datacenter floor space which is projected to be completed over the next 6 months. This new build out will provide NetSource with another 100+ full racks of colocation and dedicated hosting space to grow into. Along with the build out of the new datacenter floor space in our Naperville/Chicago area datacenter we are also starting a green project of adding cold aisle containment to our current datacenter space. The cold aisle containment project will reduce the energy NetSource uses to cool our datacenter while providing a cooler environment for our customers. We will keep everybody updated as this new project progresses.

If you have any questions about NetSource or our services please contact us at 630-778-1212.