NetSource now offers a number of dedicated server specials along with our standard line of core servers. NetSource will be updating the list of bargain servers on a regular basis, so check back often to browse the selection. NetSource works with small, medium, and Fortune 500 clients and provides business class web hosting services.

“We are now offering a line of bargain dedicated servers that include the same support as our core server offerings. We wanted to provide all businesses a chance at hosting their website on a dedicated offering. The increase in reliability, security, and performance is one of the many benefits these low cost servers will bring our clients. Make sure you check the list often to see new changes,” says Craig Neidel, head of sales and marketing for NetSource.

NetSource is unique in the dedicated hosting business, because we primarily work with Chicago area businesses. NetSource allows our customers to take a tour of our datacenter, and we even allow them to work on their servers at our physical location. “We don’t want to make our operation a mystery to our customers,” says Craig Neidel.

Even though NetSource has a new line of servers coming out, the high quality of service is always there. NetSource’s datacenter has had one of the highest up-times over the last three years (99.999+) and many of our customers notice a big difference right away. If you are looking for a quality dedicated web hosting provider, please give NetSource a call at 630-778-1212. We will be happy to discuss your options.

To view our current list of bargain servers click here.

For a list of our core servers please click here.