NetSource is happy to report that we now offer private cloud hosting services in addition to our public cloud offering in our Chicago area datacenter. NetSource can build your company a private cloud that includes a number of dedicated servers and your own private SAN. Unlike public cloud offerings where customers share a SAN’s resources, NetSource purchases a dedicated SAN for your company. This means you will have access to a totally scalable and dynamic hosting platform without the need to purchase and maintain all the expensive equipment associated with it.

Why is a private cloud a good option for a growing company? When you have your own SAN you can deploy as many dedicated servers as you need and then use virtualization to quickly grow your environment using virtual servers. The virtualization layer creates a fully redundant setup when used correctly. If a physical server fails all your virtual servers migrate automatically to another physical server within seconds. Are you worried because you are not familiar with virtualization software like Citrix Xenserver? You have no reason to be concerned because NetSource staffs a number of experts ready to help. NetSource can setup and manage the environment for you or we can train your staff to manage it. NetSource provides the hardware and if something needs to be replaced NetSource is there. This means you have more time to manage your applications and will spend less time managing the hardware or issues that come along during your company’s growth cycle.

NetSource’s private cloud also allows you to build in the security, monitoring, backups, and other features that meet your company’s specific needs. For example we can use Cisco or Juniper security firewalls. We can add custom modules to the firewall like IDS. If you need help meeting PCI requirements we can include logging or security scanning in the package. We can build in the correct level of security you require for your project. NetSource can build a completely custom package to meet your needs and allow your company to grow. Did we also mention we can do all this for much less than our competition?

We understand you have a budget and that is why we work with clients on custom solutions. NetSource understands one size does not fit all. Example setup: NetSource can build a two server configuration (each server: 2 x Quad Cores, 32 GB Ram, 2 x 300 GB 15K, Raid)(Citrix Xenserver Enterprise), and a SAN (Dual Channel Dell MD3220i with 6 TB space) for just over 2K month. As your needs grow you can add as many dedicated servers to the SAN as required. NetSource understands the need is growing for private clouds and the price should not exclude small and medium sized businesses.

How do you get started? Simply call a NetSource sales professional at 630-778-1212 and ask for some information on our private cloud offering. You can also visit our website if you would like to see pricing on our public cloud offering.