FirewallThe two most popular managed services here at NetSource are firewalls and backups. And for good reason! These are the two fundamental tools every hosting environment needs to help ensure the safety of your most important applications and data. Here we will dive into each service, why it is important, and how NetSource can help you to properly manage your environment.


You wouldn’t leave your house unlocked when you leave for the day, would you? How about your car as you leave it to go into a store? Most likely not, and for good reason. So why leave your servers wide open to the public? A hardware firewall is a protective system that lies between your network and the internet which determines what to let through and what not to let through. Any server that is connected to the internet is potentially at risk for attack, which is why you cannot afford to operate without a firewall.

The top 4 reasons people get hacked:

    1. Not having a firewall, or having a firewall but not managing the policies properly
    2. Insecure application (website) development
    3. Insecure passwords
    4. Social engineering

NetSource provides firewall services and can help you both install and properly manage your firewall, protecting your important hardware from an attack.

What’s included with NetSource’s managed firewall services?

Most importantly, as a part of our service we will consult you on firewall best practices to ensure that yours are set up properly from the start. When we first install the firewall, it will be set up with default rules that allow nothing in. You then tell us exactly what you would like to allow in and we will apply and manage that policy list for you. Additionally, should the firewall fail, we will repair it.

Both Juniper (SSG, SRX Series) and Cisco firewall options are available at NetSource. Check out our site for more information, or feel free to contact us directly to learn more.


Computers crash, human error happens, and disasters strike – most often when you least expect it! Your data is extremely valuable, and having a backup and recovery plan in place is a crucial part of running your business. The best way to understand the advantage of data backups is to ask yourself what would happen if you lose some or all the data on your server. Will business go on as usual? Most likely daily operations will be disrupted and money will be lost. You NEED a fallback plan!

What’s included with NetSource’s managed backup services?

NetSource offers a range of backup services, both off-site and on-site. We provide R1Soft for our backup solution. R1Soft CDP Server is an affordable, easy-to-use, bare-metal-restore Data Protection backup software for Windows & Linux servers. Built to manage disk-based Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for unlimited servers from a central backup management system, R1Soft protects your data by using replication and synchronization over the network storing point-in-time snap shots in disk-based storage. This process ensures that your OS, applications, files, and data are backed up and easy to restore.

Our managed backup services include access to a web portal that allows you to easily restore your own files or directories. However, this is often something that our clients have us do for them, eliminating the hassle from your plate. It is also important to note that all backups are encrypted as they are transmitted over the network as well as at rest. Allow NetSource to manage your backups and ensure the safety of your mission critical data.

R1Soft Data Backups

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